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Why should you should back our Kickstarter/give Kilgore your money:

Dan StaffordComment

This summer, we’re putting out nine new comics from Noah Van Sciver, M.S. Harkness, Alex Nall, Emi Gennis, Robert Sergel, Alex Graham, Mike Freiheit, Ines Estrada, and Tom Van Deusen. This, to me, is the dream team. The only thing missing is Sam Spina. But guess what? We just put out a comic of his in December, and you can get that in many of the reward levels. 

Maybe that slate of incredible artists/storytellers doesn’t convince you — well how about this. 

Why should you pitch in? 

First of all, if you don’t do it, these books may not exist. Kilgore specializes in finding interesting & unique voices in independent comics and giving them a signal boost by publishing their work. Who knows how long it will take for another publisher to put out one of these books, or for these fine folks to self-publish. And if that happens, you may never come across their work, which would be a damn shame. 

Second of all, there’s zero risk. All of the books are finished, or nearly finished. We’re set up with our printer, and we’ve done three other successful campaigns. Everyone has gotten their rewards in a timely manner. Back today and you’ll get an awesome box of books in about a hundred days. Delivered to your door! 

Third of all, this is a time to support art. There are a lot of reasons America is not a great place right now. Supporting the arts is at least one way to remember what is so very great about our country. 

Fourth of all, if you don’t care about #2, what about just supporting artists? Letting them know that there are people who’ll take a chance on their work encourages them to keep going, and to keep getting better. On some level aren’t all humans just seeking to connect with other humans in an attempt to stave off the void? Well, comics help! 

Fifth of all, 97% of comics out there (mainstream or independent) are super-hero, fantasy, or sci-fi. Kilgore represents the 3% of comics that have humorous, literary, or memoir content. I don’t want to slag the 97%, but I do want to champion the 3%. These are vibrant young artists, doing important work.

Ok, if you’ve read this far but aren’t convinced just send me an email. Let me know your reservations. What’s holding you back? I’ll get back to you right away to address your concerns and, hopefully, help get you on board. 

Nine days to go, and we really need you. Just go here and watch the video — check out the stuff a little.

I thank you so much for your time.