Kilgore Books & Comics

publishing fine comics since 2009

If you're a shop that would like to carry Kilgore's fine line of comics, it's pretty easy. 

Step 1. Head on over to the shop

Step 2. Fill up your cart to your heart's content

Step 3. Enter the coupon code 'wholesaler' to take 50% off your order

Step 4. Enter a second coupon code 'freeshipper' to get free shipping on orders over $25 (net) 

Step 5. Enter your info & pay

Step 6. Please don't use these codes if you're not a shop.

Here's the thing, we're a one-person operation, so we (I) double check everything. There's nothing automated, so you can't really 'sneak one by us'. We've caught a few people trying to abuse this, and it's just embarrassing for everyone. So, you know, don't. Have a great day!